Alex and I have fallen in love. Clearly not with each other, with all my due respect to Dani. No, we have fallen in love with a sun-lit room, a set of dusty wooden stairs, velveteen cushions, broad-backed armoires, and then another room, strewn with old wooden furniture caught somewhere in the magical cocoon-like process of transformation from one life to the next, our oh-ing and aw-ing pouring out like sawdust.

This is the workshop Turpentine. I hope they have a good security system installed, because I might just pull a civil disobedience card and start showing up to work every morning, sitting myself upon some ancient chest of drawers, at some moment kicking off my shoes, my warm cup of joe steaming away, and simply refuse to move.

The part that especially saddens me is that the girls there are so nice, really nice. So the day that Alex and I come in and overtake (peacefully) their workshop, well, it might make me sad, at least until lunchtime.


You can see some of the premise / my future home and some of the work these girls do at their website along with the photos Maria Platero lovingly took for them 

that day.  The floral doodads are Savia Bruta.

Hopefully we can continue working with both Maria and the team at Turpentine, Barbara, Isabel and Amaya, even if it’s just to continue hanging out with really cool people. And of course to continue strategizing our plan of attack.




Here is a previously undisclosed filming of phase one:


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