The Shores of Madrid

Madrid is my island. Its beaches beginning at the Manzanzares and circling round to Moncola, its sandy banks reaching up to Plaza Castilla and then bending back around the Retiro. Too easily I forget that Madrid is more expansive than where I spend the sunrises and sunsets of my day after day. Living in the center of Madrid, I fall guilty into the category of those whose world seems to be detached from the greater suburbs, where the city spreads out her stacked office buildings into wide park-lined skirts.

So lets say Gina’s invitation to take photographs for her clothing line Soho Kids was a bit like a rescue ship docking at my bay. We spent the day in Pinar de la Rozas, a natural park enchanted with spring and light, pine and oak, with wonderful Gina Nino, two beautiful children modeling clothes more stylish than anything I have in my closet, and the photographer Silvia Bruján, who has more vital life energy than all of us combined.

That evening, a Friday night, as I walked back to my city dwelling, entangled well inside known streets saturated with tourists and locals alike, I realized that we are all stranded here, shipwrecked, pirates of an urban life. We’ve forgotten where our boats have sunk. So I write this to say thank you, Gina and Silvia, for thinking of Savia Bruta and including us in the Madrid beyond our shores.

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    Silvia (miércoles, 23 julio 2014 21:31)

    Pero chicos como me he podido perder esta entrada tan especial. Gracias a vosotros por ser tan profesionales y encantadores :)