White Stallions

This is a love story. A story of success. A story of failure. A story with large daisies. This has been Casa Decor Madrid 2014.

It all began less than one month ago as Savia Bruta was graciously invited to participate in the showroom of a well known designer in the interior design event, Casa Decor, taking place at the moment on the Calle Barquillo 12, in Madrid. A really lovely opportunity inside a true palace with top professionals in the center of Madrid. So here come the Gerbera daisies.

Turns out the administration of Casa Decor had been given about 1,000 red Gerbera daisies for the opening of their event. We, in turn, were invited by the administration to, in someway, decorate the ground floor of Casa Decor for their opening day celebration. Thrilled by the chance, Alex and I decided that the least intrusive way to decorate the space, without disturbing the designers, would be to beautify the huge eight-foot tall windows looking out onto Calle Barquillo.

Plan A, to take gerbers in glass tubes connected to suction cups and create large colorful Gerbera daisy stripes across each of the windows, was approved by administration, and we set to work.

Having bought a trial package of suction cups, we connected it to a glass tube and stuck it to my bathroom mirror. Tragically with each attempt the guiltless little tube fell and broke to the floor victim of suction cups that really don’t work. Do they ever work? I cannot answer this question as, now faithless in the reliability of suction cups, we moved on to another scientific experiment in stickability: velcro. Yes, my beloved velcro. This must be the best invention after the wheel and beer. It’s reusable. Eco-friendly. It makes cool sounds. And more importantly, it stuck our little Gerbera tube up perfectly on my bathroom mirror.

I then biked around Madrid searching for enough velcro with adhesive to stick up about 500 Gerbera daisies to the windows of Casa Decor. I felt like a Gerbera daisy hero. I felt like a somebody. I felt like I really was going to make this happen.

So preparation began. Measuring the exact length for each tube. Cutting. Sticking. Packing boxes. By the time we got all our work finished for the Gerberas, the pieces placed for the other rooms we were decorating, and started to stick up tubes in Casa Decor, it was well past ten at night.

Could we even have suspected that the velcro’s adhesive, upon getting even a tad bit wet, loses its stickiness? Should we have already known? You can all have a nice laugh as you imagine our faces as one-two-three glass tubes bing-blopped and broke to the floor.


In this state of emergency the best we could do was to fill each tube with the extremest of care so as that not-one-single-drop of water knew life outside of its tubes. And satisfied with our work, the flush red of our Gerbera daisy-striped windows, and the exterior dryness of our tubes, we went home.


Failure/experience has so many faces, my friends. This particular time it wore the exterior of Barquillo 12, seen from my eyes the following morning. An exterior full of many things that exteriors should be full of. But empty of Gerbera daisies. They had been removed. Each tube, each velcro strip, each stem of beautiful Gerbera-daisiness. They had been thrown in the back inside plastic containers in some dark corner of the restaurant’s kitchen. Or at least I imagined it that way.


No matter what happened that morning, our work was no longer, and more importantly, 1,000 Gerbera daisies sat like orphans with no love.


Spurred by pride, embarrassment, responsibility, and many other six-syllable words, I went directly up to administration, paid my apologies, and offered to pull yet another design. I am a florist, and I had pledged my duty that those flowers would not go to waste.

Plan B: spend a total of six euros on zip ties and hang those babies upside down from pieces of wood zig-zagging above a dining room ceiling. I can still imagine its possible beauty. So with my second design in the line-up accepted, I went home a happy woman, knowing that sometimes second chances do happen and convinced I was going to bring dignity back to our name.

I was told to come back to Casa Decor as they were closing; so at about that time I rounded up my troops, my zip ties, a six-pack of beer, and some potato chips. Nearing Calle Barquillo I first saw one and then another and then another. The red Gerbera daisies. People on the streets were walking with red Gerbera daisies in hand. They were giving away my Gerberas. My chance to redeem myself. Unknowingly, they were handing out my pride, for free.

Walking inside the doors I discovered nothing more nor less than a massacre. Plan B, having not been communicated to all levels of Administration, was no more. Petals strewn across the floor. Headless daisies, stems flattened. That was all that was left. I felt like Juliette arriving to find my dear Romeo already lifeless. I wanted to cry. I tell this with a heart one-experience heavier.

Van Gough said that his best paintings were the ones he imagined at night, in bed, smoking his pipe, yet never actually painted. How true it is that some ideas remain forever beautiful in the realm of the impossible. As if beauty is best perceived in the just beyond.

I want to stress that any responsibility is totally upon the shoulders of Savia Bruta and is simply the price of experience, fresh attempts, and unattainable romance. Those who know nothing of this, please step away from your screen. And apart from our story of impossible Gerbera love, Savia Bruta is also participating in two other showrooms we are very proud of, those of Alfons Tost and Batik Interiores, which will be available to see until the 22nd of June. We really are so gracious for the opportunity. Please, come for this last opportunity to visit our floral designs before they are carried off, on white stallions, into the summer sunset.

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